iOS7 for Apple Devices — The Best Reviews to Help You Upgrade

iOS7 Control Panel

The Very Cool iOS7 Control Center

So last week I did what I said I’d never do. I downloaded an operating system the first few days it was out. Fortunately I was able to figure out a lot on my own and get a bit of help from a GDS Middle Schooler when I needed extra assistance. Read about my upgrade adventure on my other blog.

As I was discovering and exploring my almost new iPhone — I love the upgrade, and it is almost like getting a new device — I kept speaking with parents who are pretty nervous about iOS7. As expected, most of their kids are happily downloading the upgrade, but the adults are treading water and taking their time — in a period of watchful waiting.

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Kids Need Supervision When It Comes to Apps Like

Ask.fmMany people, myself included, are distressed about new and edgy apps that continuously pop up and seem to dominate kids’ lives. As a result of these ever-changing digital activities (app-tivities?) we adults struggle to define  our rules and expectations. While it  often feels like a losing battle, the more attention we pay to structuring these guidelines, the more we help kids avoid at least some of the pitfalls that continuously changing apps and sites bring into young lives.

Just now we have, an app that millions of kids use, and it’s making life difficult for many pre-adolescents and teens. (Remember last fall — when we were so bothered by Instagram?) — intentionally or otherwise — takes advantage of the developmental vulnerabilities of growing children.

Yet, when I take a bit more time to consider the issues, I find myself thinking less about whatever app is currently causing angst and more about the supervision that we provide to children. Life isn’t that different from the way we adults remember it. There have always been things in life that are inappropriate for growing children, and we’ve never been without problems that can sometimes be dangerous to health and security.  Continue reading