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mpwWelcome, welcome, welcome!

This blog is designed as a course for parents and grandparents at my PK-12 school. Nearly 40 families have signed up to spend about 10-12 weeks reading and learning about the digital learning tools that their children use in school and out. We may pick up a few more participants along the way.

Our mantra is “Parents are 21st Century learners, too!

The idea for this course was born during a conversation with my friend, colleague, blogger, and master teacher, Susan Lucille Davis. (Read her Getting Smart blog posts.) As we spoke about the number of times parents comment to us about feeling unfamiliar with the digital tools that their children use, we began to think about how to give them more information. Both of us realized that sometimes we educators introduce a new tool or site and encourage our students to use it at home as a part of their schoolwork, but their parents want to learn more about it too.

So here we will feature information, written and directed for parents of digital kids!

Each week participants can expect to receive one or two posts about specific topics. The posts will contain explanations, definitions, and examples. Additionally, for the participants who want to learn more, each post will contain links that connect to sites where parents can continue learning.

Please ask questions and share your ideas by using the handy comment section at the end of each post. That interaction within this course is the best part about blogging.

One thought on “About This Blog

  1. I am starting a research project for the Lackland Independent School District in San Antonio, Texas on how to help parents immigrate into the digital era. The school is located on an Air Force Base with grades K through 12. I found this website very interesting as a parent myself, who is volunteering to help the district with implement their new goals. Any advice or ideas you could give me on maybe where or how to start would be great. Thank you!
    Christen D’Arrigo

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