Presentations Without the Aggravation of Transferring Files

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Just about everyone has a presentation disaster experience at one time or another.

A child, or maybe an adult, prepares a great PowerPoint presentation, takes it to school or to the office, and then, for some reason, it doesn’t work, and we are never quite sure just why. Problem possibilities include the size of the file, the number and size of graphics, the way it attaches to e-mail, or perhaps the way a file copies onto a CD or flash drive. Operating system platforms used to be one of the big problems, but they are less so today.

Presenters can lessen potential problems by exploring several web-based tools that refine the whole process — writing, developing, and presenting. Because these new sites put presentations on a website, a document lives in the cloud and can be worked on or used almost anywhere. At Web 2.0 presentation sites a user simply signs in, creates a presentation, works steadily, saves, and accesses it again and again to continue working and begin presenting — on any computer connected to the web. Continue reading