Do We Confuse Privacy With Transparency? James Steyer-Articles and Books

Note:  This post is about Jim Steyer, the author and founder of Common Sense Media, who will speak at GDS on Wednesday, March 13, 2013, at the Lower-Middle School. His presentation begins at 7:00 P.M.

This image is borrowed form the book's webiste.

This image is borrowed form the book’s website.

Our digital society hasn’t figured out what to do about privacy. More importantly, it hasn’t figured what to do about the privacy of our kids — we keep confusing privacy with transparency. A recent book,Talking Back to Facebook, by James P. Stayer, addresses this confusion and tries to help adults make some sense of it.

It’s problematic enough that we adults are diving willy-nilly into the digital world, sharing lots of things, private and not so private, but now it’s also a world where everything a child does and almost every mistake he or she makes may also become public. These days we are giving children and adolescents no cover and no protection as they blithely explore the digital world while making what in any other era would be common and developmentally appropriate errors.