What in the World Is a Wiki?

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This image was made with the Wordfoto app — a great way to create useable illustrations from a list of words..

wiki is an online document, viewed in a web browser, that allows a user or users to add, collect, and organize information on a topic. This site at the University of South Florida also features a good wiki explanation. Usually, but not always, people work collaboratively on a wiki, so it’s a terrific learning tool, and everyone in a group benefits from the knowledge and skills of everyone else. Wikis can be simple or extremely complex — beauty is less important than content. The word wiki comes from a Hawaiian word that means fast.

Recently I collaborated with a group of colleagues to make a DigiParenting wiki for our presentation at the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). We set up this wiki up because our small group wanted a place where we could combine all of our resources and continue to do so on a regular basis — making our wiki a dynamic and ever-change location for materials that can help parents learn more about their digital-age children. Continue reading